Where the Magic Happens!

Welcome to my Setup!


Welcome back to my learning project!

Prior to learning how to recreate fantasy/ Halloween makeup art, I thought it would be a great idea to show you where the “magic” will happen! As mentioned before, I have recently learned within the last year how to do makeup. With learning how to perfect my makeup skills, I wanted to have an area set up specifically for me to create my looks.

My makeup desk

This is my makeup vanity. Here is where all of my recreated looks and learning will take place for my learning project for the EDTC300 class. In my first learning project post, I realize I did not specify how I would learn these new skills. I plan on watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and recreating looks from pictures found on the internet on sites such as Google, Instagram and Pinterest. My plan is to work with easier looks first and work my way up to more complicated looks. Unfortunately, with being a student comes student wages, so for this learning project I will be limited to working with what I have. However, Throughout the past summer and fall I was able to work, allowing me to build up my collection of makeup quite a bit! I am very excited for this learning project! My first post of learning will be coming soon (hopefully by the weekend)!! Below are pictures of the makeup I have available to work with!

Happy blogging!

Makeup Storage
Eyeshadow Palettes
Misc Items
Storage/ Small Makeup Items
Eyeshadow Palettes/ Brushes/ Lip Sticks/ Pencil Liner



2 thoughts on “Where the Magic Happens!

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  1. This is such an awesome idea! I like that you invited us into your area and are even referring to it so positively, “where the magic happens” p.
    You mentioned watching tutorials on YouTube, I’ve seen some great (although quick) ones on Instagram as well.
    Good luck!


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