Wonder Woman WHO?!?

Hello all! Here is my next attempt at makeup art! Once again I thought I would keep this look similar to what I’ve done in my last attempt. I typed in “Comic Look Tutorial” on YouTube and I didn’t even scroll through the list of videos because I was so memorized by the first suggested video.

This video was a Wonder Woman comic look tutorial by the created by the talented NikkieTutorials herself! (If you are someone who is into makeup, chances are you probably already know of this talented woman, but if you do not, I highly suggest you to follow her. She’s amazing!).This is a woman who I have followed on YouTube for quite sometime, so I was excited to see her recreation! Now Nikkie is sooooo talented, so I obviously knew right away that my attempt would not be as awesome as her talent, but I am OK with that because Nikkie is one of the best with what she does!

Here is the tutorial video that I followed for this look

Once again, I did a video of me doing the recreated look (I will post below). The hardest part of this look for me was the outlining and shading of the lips. I took soooo long attempting it. If I didn’t do a time lapse video, you would be bored of watching me attempt to get the lips right! Again, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have white liner, I had to use the yellow again for the highlighting lines. I also did not have eyelashes again for this look.

Overall, I had fun doing this look! I still need work on getting perfect lines for the comic look, so my next video may still be a comic look tutorial to practice those skills.

Here is my video and pictures of the finished look will be posted below as well. Once again, thank-you for revisiting my blog, and happy blogging to you!!


15 thoughts on “Wonder Woman WHO?!?

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  1. Wow you are so talented! I couldn’t imagine being able to do this! (I’m lucky if i manage to put the basics on before i go out! lol) I am really loving following your progress


    1. Thank-you Lauren! It definitely took me a while prior to this class to practice my makeup skills. It is definitely something that I do not wear everyday. I do it more for the art and therapeutic benefits! I am glad you enjoy my projects! I look forward to putting more stuff out there for you all to see!


  2. This is for sure my favorite so far! The little precise details you have added since the first two are amazing! If this is only lesson three I am super excited for the lessons to come!!


    1. Awe, thank you Sydney. I feel like I could have done better on the lines. They were a lot thicker than I wished them to be. With each look, I definitely feel like a lot of the learning needs to be on the lines. Hoping by the end of this semester my lines will be more precise and thin! We will see! Once again, thank you!


    1. Hello Meagan! Thank you for the request! I will definitely try this look this week! I may find something else I can add, just to give myself more of a challenge as well. However, I feel doing the print may be a challenge in itself! Thank you for the source as well!


  3. Hey Crystal!
    This is amazing! You have so much talent. I watched your whole video because I could not look away! (I also finally learnt how to do winged eyeliner properly.) I may go and creep on the rest of your videos because they are amazing to watch! I think even without the white eyeliner the finished product was still stunning! I can’t wait to see what you create next!


  4. I am absolutely loving this look! I have really gotten into watching (keyword watching and not doing) makeup tutorials on YouTube as of late and I am really impressed with your skills. There are so many steps to accomplishing these complex looks and you are doing a great job, so keep it up!


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