CUT! That’s a Wrap Everybody!!

Let me first start out by saying that this semester was great! I really enjoyed taking this class. This class has challenged me to try new things in more ways than one! One of them being my learning project! As many of you know for my learning project I had chosen to do fantasy makeup art.

Makeup is something that I have been experimenting with for a little over a year now. Prior to this class however, I have never tried attempting fantasy makeup or Halloween makeup, I guess just so I wouldn’t feel like failure if I wasn’t good enough. But how can you learn if you don’t try it right? Wearing everyday makeup is one thing, but actually creating makeup art is a whole different ball game. Growing up I was never a good artist. My drawings of people consisted of stick men.

As Katia had given us this assignment, I thought what better time than now to try and take my skills higher! I took the plunge and I am glad that I did!!

Here are my accomplishments with my learning project from the past 8 weeks! You are welcome to click on each week if you would like to see a better description of the process behind my looks. Each week is linked back to those specific blog posts.

Week One:

The first week I posted a blog on what I was going to do. As you already have picked up from this post so far, I had chosen doing fantasy makeup art!

Week Two:

My second post was showing my blog viewers where “the magic would take place”. Here I shared pictures of my makeup vanity and my makeup collection that I would be using for the next 6 weeks!

Eyeshadow Palettes/ Brushes/ Lip Sticks/ Pencil Liner
My makeup desk

Week Three:

Week Three is when I posted my first attempt at some kind of fantasy makeup. For this looked I recreated a picture posted on Instagram by Zorinblitzz. This look was relatively easy to recreate. Due to the fact that I have never attempted recreating fantasy makeup before this day, I wanted to start off with something very simple just to get me in the groove for the weeks to come. This was the result of my first attempt:

Week Four:

My second attempt was a recreation of two different pictures blended together that I had found on pinterest. I wanted to keep this look similar to the first look, but also do something that was a little more challenging. I found a look that would have had to use a different technique in the drips under the eye. This time it was definitely A LOT more challenging. It actually took me quite a while to get my desired look, but it eventually worked. Here is my second attempt:

Week Five: 

As you can see, I did a little bit of a comic book feel in my previous look, so again naturally I wanted to keep my next look very similar so I can practice my skills attempted in my previous look. For the comic lines, I had used liquid eyeliner. Very fast, I had learned that a certain type of eyeliner tip for these kinds of look would be better to work with than just using any kind of eyeliner applicator. I had tried using both bristle and felt tip applicators, and by far the felt tips were so much better to use as they were stiff and you had more control of them. Here was my recreated look from a picture found on Pinterest. My favourite part about this look was the lips!!

Week Six:

My fourth attempt was a requested look from Meagan. She found this Leopard Eye video look on YouTube posted by Jordan Liberty. I was happy to have a requested look by one of my fellow classmates, so of course I recreated the look! I found just the eyes were too simple, so I had found another look that involved leopard print and combined them together to create this wonderful look. The other look was also posted on YouTube by Trina Duhra. Here was the finished look!

Week Seven:

My next look, was another YouTube inspired look that was posted by Jarry The Worst. This is a look that I have seen done on YouTube a while back. I thought it would be a great challenge for me to do! It was pretty time consuming to, but I loved the way it turned out. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to completely finish the look as I had an unexpected phone call, the original post goes into details. Isn’t this just the coolest look ever!?

Week Eight:

For my final post, I decided I wanted to do something similar to my last post since I wasn’t able to fully finish the look. I had found another Neon Skull Tutorial on YouTube posted by James Charles. I really loved how this look turned out and it was my proudest moment throughout my whole learning project journey! I did make some changes as you’ll learn about in the original post. Here was my proudest recreation yet!

Aaaaannnnd there was my learning project in a nutshell! It was so fun to do, I liked being able to record myself and create YouTube videos so my classmates can see what I would do as I am doing it. I am so grateful for all the wonderful suggestions from my classmates throughout this journey.

I am so glad this was one of our assignments for this class, and that I chose to work with makeup in a different way than I normally do. Doing Halloween looks throughout the month of October and going live on my Facebook page is something that I wanted to do last Halloween but was to afraid that my recreations wouldn’t come turn out. This learning project has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and recreating looks for Halloween is definitely happening this year!!! I have learned so much throughout this short but sweet journey.

Thank you all for a wonderful semester! I hope you all have a great summer and I wish you all the best in your futures!


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  1. You’ve done an amazing job Crystal! I can’t believe how talented you are! I would totally trust you with my make up for halloween or any special effects event! You might have a side business on your hands! 🙂


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