Contributing to Others Learning

Katia had mentioned that our final post would be how we contributed to others learning throughout this semester. She had mentioned that she asked us to keep screenshots and evidence of our contributions to others learning from each class and through twitter, our blogging, and commenting on others blogs. She also mentioned that most of us would probably forget about this particular assignment and would forget to keep track of our contributions.

Well… I wont lie and say that I kept on top of that instruction, because I was completely caught of guard when she mentioned it the second last class!

With that being said, that doesn’t mean I did contribute to others learning throughout this semester. I went back through our online platforms and took screenshots of how I contributed to others learning. When we were in need of help or wanted to give others feedback and suggestions through their learning journey, it was usually done through Twitter, our Google Community and and blogging.

Here are a few screenshots of how I contributed to others learning through this semester

Twitter: Participating in Twitter chats and sharing resources.


Google Community: As a class we used our Google community to share when we posted blogs, or to ask questions for help. I contributed to others learning by giving them information on apps that they can use to edit their videos for their learning project.

Blogging: I would comment on other classmates blogs, giving them suggestions on how they could make their learning project better. Sometimes like the comments below they would comment on my blog posts, searching for answers on how I could use something further in the classroom or what apps I used to create something that I blogged about.

It was great being able to receive feedback from my classmates as well. They helped me become better at my blogging and on going learning project. I learned a lot from not only Katia, but my classmates as well. It was great being apart of such a helping community!



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