My First Attempt at Fantasy Makeup!!!

First Attempt at Fantasy Makeup

Welcome back! So I attempted my first try at fantasy makeup and it was interesting! I found a picture (you can find it here) on Instagram posted by Instagram user Zorinblitzz. I initially wanted to start off with something small so that’s what I did. I found something that wasn’t too crazy that needed my whole face covered. I learned to do this look, just by looking at the image on Instagram and proceeding with what I think the original poster would have done to get their outcome. I did however have to make some small changes as I did not have some of the stuff on hand that would be needed, so I improvised!  I recorded myself doing whole process and that took 1 hour and 19 minutes! I did some research and found that I could create movies and edit videos with the app iMovie for free! So I downloaded the app and started editing my video. Let me tell you editing takes a LONG time, especially on a phone! It was a very exhausting experience! With the amount of time it takes to edit and the length of time that was still left after editing (About 39 minutes), I decided for my next videos I probably will not do much talking like I have in this video. However, if you all don’t mind watching almost 40 minute videos than I will keep them coming. In my personal opinion though I feel a 40 minute video is just too long and could get boring very easily. I am open to opinions and suggestions on how I can make it easier on me and the viewers for next time! I hope you enjoy the videos (and trust me I don’t expect you to sit and watch every second of the 39 minutes). I did speed up some parts of the videos but still it wasn’t enough to make the video shorter. I also had to break it down into three videos as YouTube only let me upload at max 15 minute videos from my phone. Pictures of finished result at the bottom of the post! Happy Blogging!

Where the Magic Happens!

Welcome to my Setup!


Welcome back to my learning project!

Prior to learning how to recreate fantasy/ Halloween makeup art, I thought it would be a great idea to show you where the “magic” will happen! As mentioned before, I have recently learned within the last year how to do makeup. With learning how to perfect my makeup skills, I wanted to have an area set up specifically for me to create my looks.

My makeup desk

This is my makeup vanity. Here is where all of my recreated looks and learning will take place for my learning project for the EDTC300 class. In my first learning project post, I realize I did not specify how I would learn these new skills. I plan on watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and recreating looks from pictures found on the internet on sites such as Google, Instagram and Pinterest. My plan is to work with easier looks first and work my way up to more complicated looks. Unfortunately, with being a student comes student wages, so for this learning project I will be limited to working with what I have. However, Throughout the past summer and fall I was able to work, allowing me to build up my collection of makeup quite a bit! I am very excited for this learning project! My first post of learning will be coming soon (hopefully by the weekend)!! Below are pictures of the makeup I have available to work with!

Happy blogging!

Makeup Storage
Eyeshadow Palettes
Misc Items
Storage/ Small Makeup Items
Eyeshadow Palettes/ Brushes/ Lip Sticks/ Pencil Liner


My Personal Learning Project- Fantasy Makeup Art

Fantasy Makeup Art

I have finally came to a decision on what I want to do for my Learning Project! In the past year I have been playing and experimenting with makeup. So far I have learned how to perfectly blend shadows and which brushes are most commonly used for certain areas such as blending eyeshadow, contouring and other things. However, with my current skill, I have only focused on makeup you could wear out on a daily basis. With this learning project, I am challenging myself to learn how to recreate fantasy makeup art and possibly Halloween make up looks. This will definitely take me out of my comfort zone and allow me to learn new techniques and further deepen my artistic skills when it comes to makeup.

Now I know for some people makeup can be a controversial topic. Some people believe that most individuals use makeup as a means to make themselves “more beautiful”, or they’re covering up “flaws”.

First of all I would just like to say that we are all beautiful in our own unique ways. Please, ladies and men, do not let anyone tell you any different! With becoming familiar with makeup, I have learned that it is a great way to express yourself through art, as well it is very therapeutic! When I am having moments of high stress-levels, I take myself to my makeup vanity and just blend my negative emotions away! So with that, this is my learning project! I hope you all enjoy this journey with me. Let the learning begin… along side many mistakes I’m sure!

Makeup Art

Photo Credit: jerseytom55 Flickr via Compfight cc

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