CUT! That’s a Wrap Everybody!!

Let me first start out by saying that this semester was great! I really enjoyed taking this class. This class has challenged me to try new things in more ways than one! One of them being my learning project! As many of you know for my learning project I had chosen to do fantasy makeup art.

Makeup is something that I have been experimenting with for a little over a year now. Prior to this class however, I have never tried attempting fantasy makeup or Halloween makeup, I guess just so I wouldn’t feel like failure if I wasn’t good enough. But how can you learn if you don’t try it right? Wearing everyday makeup is one thing, but actually creating makeup art is a whole different ball game. Growing up I was never a good artist. My drawings of people consisted of stick men.

As Katia had given us this assignment, I thought what better time than now to try and take my skills higher! I took the plunge and I am glad that I did!!

Here are my accomplishments with my learning project from the past 8 weeks! You are welcome to click on each week if you would like to see a better description of the process behind my looks. Each week is linked back to those specific blog posts.

Week One:

The first week I posted a blog on what I was going to do. As you already have picked up from this post so far, I had chosen doing fantasy makeup art!

Week Two:

My second post was showing my blog viewers where “the magic would take place”. Here I shared pictures of my makeup vanity and my makeup collection that I would be using for the next 6 weeks!

Eyeshadow Palettes/ Brushes/ Lip Sticks/ Pencil Liner
My makeup desk

Week Three:

Week Three is when I posted my first attempt at some kind of fantasy makeup. For this looked I recreated a picture posted on Instagram by Zorinblitzz. This look was relatively easy to recreate. Due to the fact that I have never attempted recreating fantasy makeup before this day, I wanted to start off with something very simple just to get me in the groove for the weeks to come. This was the result of my first attempt:

Week Four:

My second attempt was a recreation of two different pictures blended together that I had found on pinterest. I wanted to keep this look similar to the first look, but also do something that was a little more challenging. I found a look that would have had to use a different technique in the drips under the eye. This time it was definitely A LOT more challenging. It actually took me quite a while to get my desired look, but it eventually worked. Here is my second attempt:

Week Five: 

As you can see, I did a little bit of a comic book feel in my previous look, so again naturally I wanted to keep my next look very similar so I can practice my skills attempted in my previous look. For the comic lines, I had used liquid eyeliner. Very fast, I had learned that a certain type of eyeliner tip for these kinds of look would be better to work with than just using any kind of eyeliner applicator. I had tried using both bristle and felt tip applicators, and by far the felt tips were so much better to use as they were stiff and you had more control of them. Here was my recreated look from a picture found on Pinterest. My favourite part about this look was the lips!!

Week Six:

My fourth attempt was a requested look from Meagan. She found this Leopard Eye video look on YouTube posted by Jordan Liberty. I was happy to have a requested look by one of my fellow classmates, so of course I recreated the look! I found just the eyes were too simple, so I had found another look that involved leopard print and combined them together to create this wonderful look. The other look was also posted on YouTube by Trina Duhra. Here was the finished look!

Week Seven:

My next look, was another YouTube inspired look that was posted by Jarry The Worst. This is a look that I have seen done on YouTube a while back. I thought it would be a great challenge for me to do! It was pretty time consuming to, but I loved the way it turned out. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to completely finish the look as I had an unexpected phone call, the original post goes into details. Isn’t this just the coolest look ever!?

Week Eight:

For my final post, I decided I wanted to do something similar to my last post since I wasn’t able to fully finish the look. I had found another Neon Skull Tutorial on YouTube posted by James Charles. I really loved how this look turned out and it was my proudest moment throughout my whole learning project journey! I did make some changes as you’ll learn about in the original post. Here was my proudest recreation yet!

Aaaaannnnd there was my learning project in a nutshell! It was so fun to do, I liked being able to record myself and create YouTube videos so my classmates can see what I would do as I am doing it. I am so grateful for all the wonderful suggestions from my classmates throughout this journey.

I am so glad this was one of our assignments for this class, and that I chose to work with makeup in a different way than I normally do. Doing Halloween looks throughout the month of October and going live on my Facebook page is something that I wanted to do last Halloween but was to afraid that my recreations wouldn’t come turn out. This learning project has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and recreating looks for Halloween is definitely happening this year!!! I have learned so much throughout this short but sweet journey.

Thank you all for a wonderful semester! I hope you all have a great summer and I wish you all the best in your futures!

Neon Skull Tutorial Take #2

Final Makeup Look for EDTC300

Hello everyone! I will be honest in saying that this post is a little late. I have had quite a busy week and I am finally able to catch up on some stuff! I recreated this look a couple days ago, but I am just now able to post it! Here is my final makeup look for my EDTC300 learning project!

If you have been keeping up with my posts, you would be able to see that I kind of recreated looks that were all similar in some way. My last post was a half face neon skull recreation, that I was not able to finish due to unforeseen circumstances during the time I was recreating the look. So this time I thought I would do something similar!

I found this neon skull tutorial on YouTube created by the amazing James Charles.

I chose to recreate this look. This tutorial consists of covering the whole bottom of the face, whereas in my last post I only covered half of my face

I had some challenges again with recreating this look. First of all, I am NOT good at drawing skull teeth! I mean look at how perfect his drawn skull teeth look! Mine were nothing like that. This is something that I must work on as an aspiring MUA. Small fine details are not my forte so to speak! Secondly, I don’t know why, but the black liner that I used on my face first before I used the black shadow was just not working with me this time around. It did not give me any problems the first skull look. I ended up having to spray my makeup brush with setting spray to help distribute it well.

Here is the video of my process in recreating this amazing work of art!

As you can see, I made one small minor change to the look, which was the eyes. I wanted something more vibrant and sparkly. Also do not mind my eating. I got a little hungry during the process, this look took me about two hours!

I was pretty impressed with the end result of this look and I was happy I was able to finish the look completely!

Items used

-NYC White Eyeliner Pencil

-Morphe 35c Palette

-Spoiled Lips Holy Grail Palette

-NYX Vivid Brights Liner (Yellow)

-Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow Concealer

-Airspun Translucent Powder

-Juvias Place Zulu Palette

-Sephora Black Eyeliner Pencil

I hope you enjoyed my last and final look as much as I have!! This one has me really proud!

Neon Skull Tutorial

Learning Project Post #5

Hello everyone, I have been a little behind on some things recently. This post should have been made last week. However, I just haven’t been able to find the motivation to do anything really. I knew it needed to be done tonight so I would fall more behind than I already am.

The look I chose to do tonight I found on YouTube posted by the YouTuber Jarry The Worst. I found this look and thought it would be a challenge and fun to do at the same time!

I followed her exact same steps in her tutorial. I had to make some minor adjustments however, again like my other videos I did not have white liquid liner so the yellow had to do. In my last blog post I had someone comment and suggest perhaps listing my product list for my looks. Here are the products that I have used to recreate this look.

Sephora Collection Liner in black

Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette (The black shadow, I wanted to use this shadow specifically because it has very pretty purple shimmer in it)

The Zulu by Juvias place Eyeshadow Palette

NYX Vivid Brights Liner in Yellow

-NYC White Eyeliner Pencil

Here is the video of me recreating this look…

There were some challenges part to this look. First, it was very hard trying to recreate the teeth. I did not have a steady hand for this part and it came out a little messy. Secondly, I was starting to run out of the yellow liner so I had to keep trying to scrape some product onto the brush and onto my face, because of this some of the lines on the face look a bit messy as well.

As you can see the video ends with me just finishing my foundation and mouth area… If you check out the tutorial I found for this look, the original poster had done her nose as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish my look completely. It was with a heavy heart that I had to end my learning project post here. My video ended where it did because I had received a phone call and received the news that one of my relatives had sadly passed away.

I quickly wanted to take some pictures for this blog post, but was only able to hold my composure through two pictures… I hope you enjoy the progress that I have had anyway. In my opinion it came out pretty cool, and it is something that I would like to try again and practice more on. Thank-you for visiting my blog.

I thought I would just add this video at the end of my post for my relative who went to spirit world tonight. I did this cover in January for my grandfather who also passed away. ❤

You Requested It, I did It!

Leopard Print Makeup

Welcome back guys! So on my last learning project post, my fellow classmate Meagan asked if I was taking requests or suggestions for my next blog post. She provided the link to the YouTube video pinned below. This video was posted by Jordan Liberty.

At this point, I did not have any ideas or tutorials picked out yet for my next look, so I definitely decided to do her suggested look! However, I added more detail that I had found from another video (I will post below).

Before jumping into things, here was my finished look!

Prior to explaining the process, I sadly have to apologize that this weeks blog post was not recorded, so a video of my process will not be available! I was having some technical difficulties that was driving me completely nuts! I’ll tell you a little about it! So, earlier in the day, my computer froze and would not unfreeze. I closed it left it alone and opened it later in the evening when it was time to do my next learning project. Nope, still wasn’t working. This time it was stuck on this screen…

Needless to say, the loading percentage was NOT moving. I had to make the decision to do the makeup look without recording myself, because I then needed my phone to watch the videos on how to recreate these looks. Long story short, my computer was still not available for me to upload the pictures and write this blog post until 1AM!!!

OK, on to the process!

So first thing I did was prime my face, filled in my eyebrows and put on my foundation.

Here was the canvas for everything that came after. Lookin’ a little pasty there Crystal.

Next, I followed the steps in the video that Meagan had provided to me. I did everything the exact same as the artist in the video. Overall, it was pretty easy.

I was left with this…

Ok, ok… not bad… still looking a wee bit scary haha, but we must trust the process.

My next step was creating the leopard print on the eyelids. Upon watching the video on how the artist created this look, I was feeling a little lazy, I am not going to lie. I thought it looked so time consuming. However, once I started rolling it was fast and easy. A lot easier than I had anticipated!

Fun little fact about me, my right eye is a lazy eye, so I am basically blind in that one eye. Everything is completely blurry and I cannot make out anything if I am looking out of just this one eye. Now with that being said, it was a little difficult trying to do the leopard print on my left eye. Obviously you need to have your eye closed to do the print on the eye so it was very difficult for me to attempt. I did have to keep my eye slightly open and position my hand in a way that it wasn’t blocking my view from my left eye. It was a hassle, but I got it done!

Here is what it looked like with the leopard print on the eye alone, which is what was originally on the video that Meagan had provided for me.

I was proud of myself for being able to do the leopard print so precisely and neatly. However, I just felt like it was missing something! So I checked out other tutorials on YouTube to see what I could add to make this look, look more full and I found this video by TrinaDuhra:

I thought this was a great look that would compliment my leopard eye perfectly!!! Boy was I right! I really loved the finished look and I am even considering doing the same look for Halloween this year, granted I do not find another look that I love more.

So that was my journey on another attempt at my learning project. So far I am noticing a pattern on practicing precision skills with lines and small details such as the lines in the comic looks and the leopard print designs! If anyone else would like to suggest or make a request on what to do next, I am definitely open to suggestions!

Here is a little close up!

P.s. Did you notice that I finally had glue on lashes for this look and I must say they really do bring a look together!

Also, it is now 2:17 AM. I’m going to bed!!


Wonder Woman WHO?!?

Hello all! Here is my next attempt at makeup art! Once again I thought I would keep this look similar to what I’ve done in my last attempt. I typed in “Comic Look Tutorial” on YouTube and I didn’t even scroll through the list of videos because I was so memorized by the first suggested video.

This video was a Wonder Woman comic look tutorial by the created by the talented NikkieTutorials herself! (If you are someone who is into makeup, chances are you probably already know of this talented woman, but if you do not, I highly suggest you to follow her. She’s amazing!).This is a woman who I have followed on YouTube for quite sometime, so I was excited to see her recreation! Now Nikkie is sooooo talented, so I obviously knew right away that my attempt would not be as awesome as her talent, but I am OK with that because Nikkie is one of the best with what she does!

Here is the tutorial video that I followed for this look

Once again, I did a video of me doing the recreated look (I will post below). The hardest part of this look for me was the outlining and shading of the lips. I took soooo long attempting it. If I didn’t do a time lapse video, you would be bored of watching me attempt to get the lips right! Again, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have white liner, I had to use the yellow again for the highlighting lines. I also did not have eyelashes again for this look.

Overall, I had fun doing this look! I still need work on getting perfect lines for the comic look, so my next video may still be a comic look tutorial to practice those skills.

Here is my video and pictures of the finished look will be posted below as well. Once again, thank-you for revisiting my blog, and happy blogging to you!!

Second Attempt at Fantasy Makeup… Fail or Success?!?

Welcome back to my blog everyone!

Last night I attempted to do my second attempt at Fantasy Makeup! I thought I would keep it similar in what I did in my first post, but with a little twist! This is the look I recreated this time around. You can find the originals here (picture 1, picture 2). I found them on Pinterest.

As you can see it is very similar to my first look with the eye makeup dripping down but I incorporated different things from two different looks that I had found (If you missed it, they’re linked above).

This time around I used a different technique for the eye drips, as the drips in the picture this time looked watered down or like water paints, so after I had applied the eye shadow I went over it with a wet makeup brush (This was very difficult, it did not work well for me).

I struggled with the watered down look, and it did not come out looking like the original, but I wasn’t going to get it any better than what I had so I just left it how it was.

Next I took liquid eyeliner and outlined some features on my face like my nose and my lips to give myself a comic-like look. As you can tell in the first picture it was very simple lining, so I found a picture with more detail that I incorporated to what I recreated from the first picture

I think the detail from the second picture incorporated to what I had prior, really brought my look together. However, I personally still feel like this was a failed look. I didn’t have the big eyelashes like the original picture and I feel like my winged eyeliner skills just looked off. Overall, it wasn’t a bad attempt, but it would have looked more complete if I had the eyelashes and a more watered down look to pull the look together.

Below is my time-lapsed video of the process!

Happy Blogging!

P.s- Do not mind my crazy hair… It was up all day but I wanted hair down like the original pictures!

My First Attempt at Fantasy Makeup!!!

First Attempt at Fantasy Makeup

Welcome back! So I attempted my first try at fantasy makeup and it was interesting! I found a picture (you can find it here) on Instagram posted by Instagram user Zorinblitzz. I initially wanted to start off with something small so that’s what I did. I found something that wasn’t too crazy that needed my whole face covered. I learned to do this look, just by looking at the image on Instagram and proceeding with what I think the original poster would have done to get their outcome. I did however have to make some small changes as I did not have some of the stuff on hand that would be needed, so I improvised!  I recorded myself doing whole process and that took 1 hour and 19 minutes! I did some research and found that I could create movies and edit videos with the app iMovie for free! So I downloaded the app and started editing my video. Let me tell you editing takes a LONG time, especially on a phone! It was a very exhausting experience! With the amount of time it takes to edit and the length of time that was still left after editing (About 39 minutes), I decided for my next videos I probably will not do much talking like I have in this video. However, if you all don’t mind watching almost 40 minute videos than I will keep them coming. In my personal opinion though I feel a 40 minute video is just too long and could get boring very easily. I am open to opinions and suggestions on how I can make it easier on me and the viewers for next time! I hope you enjoy the videos (and trust me I don’t expect you to sit and watch every second of the 39 minutes). I did speed up some parts of the videos but still it wasn’t enough to make the video shorter. I also had to break it down into three videos as YouTube only let me upload at max 15 minute videos from my phone. Pictures of finished result at the bottom of the post! Happy Blogging!

Where the Magic Happens!

Welcome to my Setup!


Welcome back to my learning project!

Prior to learning how to recreate fantasy/ Halloween makeup art, I thought it would be a great idea to show you where the “magic” will happen! As mentioned before, I have recently learned within the last year how to do makeup. With learning how to perfect my makeup skills, I wanted to have an area set up specifically for me to create my looks.

My makeup desk

This is my makeup vanity. Here is where all of my recreated looks and learning will take place for my learning project for the EDTC300 class. In my first learning project post, I realize I did not specify how I would learn these new skills. I plan on watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and recreating looks from pictures found on the internet on sites such as Google, Instagram and Pinterest. My plan is to work with easier looks first and work my way up to more complicated looks. Unfortunately, with being a student comes student wages, so for this learning project I will be limited to working with what I have. However, Throughout the past summer and fall I was able to work, allowing me to build up my collection of makeup quite a bit! I am very excited for this learning project! My first post of learning will be coming soon (hopefully by the weekend)!! Below are pictures of the makeup I have available to work with!

Happy blogging!

Makeup Storage
Eyeshadow Palettes
Misc Items
Storage/ Small Makeup Items
Eyeshadow Palettes/ Brushes/ Lip Sticks/ Pencil Liner


My Personal Learning Project- Fantasy Makeup Art

Fantasy Makeup Art

I have finally came to a decision on what I want to do for my Learning Project! In the past year I have been playing and experimenting with makeup. So far I have learned how to perfectly blend shadows and which brushes are most commonly used for certain areas such as blending eyeshadow, contouring and other things. However, with my current skill, I have only focused on makeup you could wear out on a daily basis. With this learning project, I am challenging myself to learn how to recreate fantasy makeup art and possibly Halloween make up looks. This will definitely take me out of my comfort zone and allow me to learn new techniques and further deepen my artistic skills when it comes to makeup.

Now I know for some people makeup can be a controversial topic. Some people believe that most individuals use makeup as a means to make themselves “more beautiful”, or they’re covering up “flaws”.

First of all I would just like to say that we are all beautiful in our own unique ways. Please, ladies and men, do not let anyone tell you any different! With becoming familiar with makeup, I have learned that it is a great way to express yourself through art, as well it is very therapeutic! When I am having moments of high stress-levels, I take myself to my makeup vanity and just blend my negative emotions away! So with that, this is my learning project! I hope you all enjoy this journey with me. Let the learning begin… along side many mistakes I’m sure!

Makeup Art

Photo Credit: jerseytom55 Flickr via Compfight cc

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